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Basic portrait sessions are detailed below. All sessions do NOT include any prints products or digitals unless you book our Alberta Adventure. Photobooks and Wall Art are purchased separately. If you aren't sure which package is right for you, we can talk and discuss exactly what you're looking for.

Red Deer Alberta Dog Photographer

Studio Magic

The perfect portrait

Studio portraiture gives us that extra control over color and lighting to create the perfect artwork for your home. We discuss what you are looking for before hand and recreate it in studio. Sessions range from dramatic and minimalistic, allowing the photo to focus on the best subject (your pet), to colorful and fun, showcasing your best bud in complimentary colors to make their portraits truly stand out on your walls.

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Magnificent Memoire

Capturing your dog in their element

An outdoor portrait session seizing every precious moment. This is perfect if you have multiple pets or want a large gallery to choose from. I have many great locations around Red Deer, Alberta.
All Seasons

outdoor portraits

Alberta Adventure

Artwork With a View

Explore Alberta with your dog.

Gorgeous photographs with stunning and natural backdrops featuring Canada's most amazing landscape.

Let's travel to Canmore, Banff or Nordegg for your special session.

This is an all day inclusive adventure with your favourite four-legged friend.

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Celebration of Life

Beautiful portraits to celebrate a life filled with love and laughter to honor your pet.

Saying good-bye is the hardest part.

to remember our best friend

Capturing Memories

People and pets

While I mainly photograph our pets, I also love the human half of the equation. If you are looking for family portraits, child milestones, or a couples session, I would be happy to work with you.

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Family Photographer, Red Deer Alberta
Family photography Red Deer Alberta
Family photography Red Deer Alberta
Family photography Red Deer Alberta


How far should I book in advance?

What time of day will my session be at?

What should I bring?

Does my pet have to be trained?

How much will Products cost?



How far should I book in advance?

Sessions are best to book two to three weeks in advance, with weekends being a busier time and recommended four to five weeks in advance. Give me a call and we will work out the best time for everyone.

I do occasionally have sooner openings, give me a call and we'll find the right date.

If your session is an emergency “Celebration of Life”, I am more than willing to work with you on short notice (time permitting), call me as soon as possible. 587-447-4455

What time of day will my session be at?

To take advantage of the warmest and most flattering light, most outdoor sessions are held 1-2 hours before sunset, or at sunrise. Times change depending on the time of year to capture the best lighting for people and pets.

Some photo sessions are scheduled during full sun (noon), to take advantage of blue skies and gorgeous sunny Alberta.

Studio sessions are simpler, with only your and my schedule to coordinate.

What should I bring?

Pet Sessions:

– Bring a collar and leash for each pet (or crate/carrier depending on species).
– Bring your pet’s favourite toy and yummy treats.
– Any special props (perch, log, pet bed) to make our pet feel at home.

People Sessions:

– Don't stress it, we will discuss colors/themes to bring everything together ahead of time.
– If the session involves kids, bring their favourite teddy bear and some snacks!
– Special mementos

Does my pet have to be trained?

No, certainly not. Although having a pet that is trained to “sit/stay” can make a session go smoother, it is not a requirement. Your dog does not need to be off-leash for their photo session. If you are concerned about your young dog’s energy level, I recommend a walk to help calm them down before hand. I have plenty of experience working with unruly pups and am a very patient person. We will capture the images you are looking for, and create the perfect moment. Don't stress it!

How much will Products cost?

Photo Sessions and Final Products are purchased separately to allow you the flexibility to work without your budget. Additional artwork such as canvas, acrylic prints, professional photo books, or high resolution digitals can be added on at the time of booking or during the image selection process.
Most clients spend $500 to $1000 on their final products.
We can discuss what products you're looking for and look at examples of the final artwork.


Contact me through "Get in Touch" Page, or give me a Call (587-447-4455), I am always ready to talk and start your artwork journey with you.
You can also email me directly at

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