Your dog deserves beautiful photos!


Why choose a dog photographer? Pet photography is not just about snapping photos at the right time, it’s about vision, passion, and a love of all things dog.

The “dog mom” life isn’t always the easiest, but you love your pets. They are your family. Your dog doesn’t just fill a hole in your life, they make your life better and you couldn’t imagine life without them. As Red Deer Alberta’s pet photographer, I love your dog almost as much as you do!

“It can take 134 days to fall in love with a person, it takes 1.3 seconds to fall in love with a dog.”

Smart phones are amazing and digital cameras are more affordable than ever, but that doesn’t mean your dog doesn’t deserve professional portraits. You may have 1001 photos of your dog, but your dog still deserves a few breathtaking photos that show them at their best!

Ari Miniature Schnauzer Red Deer Dog Photographer

Reasons to hire a pet photographer:

No one likes to talk about it, but your dog won’t live forever

Some day all you’ll have are the memories to cherish and photos to look at. 

I am so thankful of the snapshots I took of my cat (Kristopher) while growing up. He was my best friend and my greatest comfort. I wish so badly to have had better photos taken of him that I could look back to remember him by. I said good bye to him 17 years ago and I still miss him. You don’t want to wait until it’s too late.

Red Deer Dog Photographer Hounds in the Woods

Your black dog looks like a blurry smudge

Photographing black dogs isn’t easy. It requires knowledge of lighting, white balance, and photography experience. That’s okay, I’m here to help you have great photos of your pet that look amazing.

Red Deer Dog Photographer Black Dog

The puppy stage is short

No one loves your puppy as much as you do. All dogs were puppies once, but the puppy stage is so fleeting. You are so busy potty training them, teaching them not to chew on your shoes and cuddling them that there’s barely any time to take your phone out and snapping a few shots. You want to capture this moment while your puppy is still young, so you can remember and cherish it.

Red Deer Dog Photographer Puppy Bum

Photos of you and your pet

Getting great photos of you and your dog together is so important. Something that is almost impossible is getting great photos of you and your pet together without someone else’s help! Your pet is a huge part of your life and the bond you share is special.

Red Deer Dog Photographer Girl and Her Dog

Your pet can become art!

What better way to decorate your home than with picture of your pet! Who doesn’t want a larger than life picture of their pet hanging on their wall? From a large wall canvas to a special desk acrylic (or both) we’ll create the right art for your home. You deserve to be surrounded by beautiful pictures of your pet.

Red Deer Dog Photographer Prints and Photo Book

To document your changing family

Your family changes, dynamics change, you grow. Your memories begin and grow with connection. Your goal—like mine— is to capture your changing family and turn them into lasting moments to cherish.

Red Deer Dog Photographer Family Photo

Your pet is my priority

Your pet deserves a photographer who is patient and understanding. Sometimes your dog isn’t the best behaved or doesn’t want to sit still. You need a photographer who will take the time to make sure your dog is comfortable and enjoying the experience as much as you are. If your pet needs extra time to settle down or be okay in front of the camera, I understand and am more than happy to work with you! I offer portable studio options for recalcitrant cats that don’t appreciate leaving the house. I once had a very unimpressed kitty that wouldn’t come near my studio. His owner and I discussed his attitude towards strangers ahead of time and we weren’t surprised. With a lot of patience (and a few cups of coffee), we let him take the time to get comfortable and come explore. We got the photos we were looking for. Success!

Whether you are wanting outdoor portraits, or studio photographs, I am here to start you on your journey.  

Red Deer Dog Photographer Family Portrait
Red Deer Dog Photographer Portrait Album
Red Deer Dog Photographer Album