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I'm so excited you're taking the time to get to know me!

I have experience working with all types of pets (every kind imaginable) cats, dogs, horses, lizards, birds, etc; big or small they are never too great a challenge. If you want me to photograph your pet spider or adorable "snek" in a tiny hat, I'm game. ;)

Your pet can also bring their favourite human along (you), we will fit you in! I do enjoy working with us two-leggers. If you don't have a pet, that's okay, we can still capture beautiful photos of you and your loved ones.

I offer photography services to Red Deer and all throughout Alberta. My mission is to help you turn your life into artwork you'll proudly display in your living-room.

Photographer Selfie, Red Deer Alberta Artist
Hike in the Alberta Mountains, Photographer Selfie

I believe in being an advocate for those who don't have their own voice. My cousin was born with an extra chromosome resulting in a genetic disorder known as Down's syndrome. She is a such a unique person with a zest for life and the hallmark stubbornness that my family is known for. Because of her I have worked with other special individuals and have compassion for the people that share their lives with them.

Life is not just about living for ourselves, but the impact we have on others and the difference we make.

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Dog Mom Life

I share my world with my crazy husband, three adorable “Dog Daughters” and our newest addition, dog child number four, "The Boy". They create hair, mess, poop, and chaos, (and that's not just talking about the dogs) but couldn't imagine my life without them. They fill my days with love. My pets are not just animals, they are part of my family and I am proud to call myself a 'dog mom'.

Nothing makes me happier than adventures, hiking, and most of all, exploring the world with my dogs by my side.




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